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October 1, 2022

4 Uncontacted Tribes Isolated From The Rest Of The World

Uncontacted tribes in the world

Uncontacted Tribes.

In the world today where humans are advanced in technology and knowledge, it’s hard to imagine that there are still 100’s of tribes of human beings still living in forests. There are many uncontacted tribes in complete isolation from the rest of the world. Most of them have little to no contact with the outside world. These people do not depend on technology like we do and most have no idea technology even exists as they all depend on nature instead and they are doing just fine too.

I have compiled a list of 4 of these tribes.

Here are four uncontacted tribes that are isolated from the rest of the world:

(1). The Amazon Forest Tribe.

Although they have not been contacted yet as attempts to meet with them has been futile. The Amazon Forest Tribe has been discovered and they are very real. The tribe still exists and they are living deep in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Little is known about this tribe including what they’re called exactly or what their culture is. The Amazon Forest tribe do not wish to be distributed or entertain visitors. Attempts have been made to formally meet this mysterious tribe but they made it clear that they do not want to be met. The isolated tribe fired arrows at the helicopter as it tries to land.

The Amazon Forest uncontacted tribe
The Amazon forest tribe

(2) The Sentinelese Tribe.

The Sentinelese tribe just like the Amazon Forest tribe doesn’t entertain outsiders as they see them as a threat. The uncontacted tribe would often shoot arrows at foreigners who step on their Island.

The Sentinelese tribe resides on an island very close to India where they have been living for thousands of years. Although contact has been made with this tribe, still very little is known about them. The tribe sees foreigners as threats.

Sentinelese tribe

In 1967, a regional head for India’s ministry of tribal affairs, Mr Pandit made contact with the tribe. It was the first time contact was made with the tribe but it didn’t go so well. Arrows were shot at them as a warning not to come closer but after many attempts and with gifts from Mr Pandit and his crew, the tribe gave them a chance and actually welcomed the crew. They happily received coconuts from them but they were only allowed to be on their boats and in the water as they are still not allowed to step on the island.

Interesting fact: a Christian missionary had actually met with the tribe but was murdered by them.

Sentinelese uncontacted tribe

(3) The Papuans: Huli Wigmen.

Papua New Guinea is known to have many isolated tribes and one of these tribe is The Huli Wigmen tribe.

The Huli Wigmen unlike most isolated tribes in the world are large in numbers. This unique tribe is actually the largest ethnic group in the highlands region of Papua New Guinea. The population of the tribe is over 400,000. The Huli Wigmen are very friendly towards foreigners and welcoming. They are known for their flamboyant head dresses which is worn by men who live in isolation from the rest of their tribe as a part of their beautiful culture.

Interesting fact: There is a festival called the Mount Hagen Festival held annually in New Guinea. Different Papuan tribes usually come together to celebrate and even you can attend if you want to.

Huli Wigmen uncontacted tribe
Papua New Guinea uncontacted tribes

(4) The Old Believers.

This amazing tribe unlike the aforementioned tribes actually uses technology to get by with their day to day lives.

This tribe resides in the village of Aidara which is located in Siberia. The Old Believers separated from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1652 due to some disagreement they had with some of their rules. The disagreement actually led to prosecution of some of the old believers, they were imprisoned and some got killed. The rest of the members fled and went into isolation which led to the creation of a beautiful culture and tribe.

The village of Aidara is a new world entirely. The occupants are known as The Old Believers, they are very religious Christians and even though there’s no church in the village, they hold services and pray together usually in neighbors homes like a small fellowship in evenings for 2 hours or till morning.

The old believers uncontacted tribe
The Old Believers uncontacted tribes

The tribe doesn’t have phones or TVs but they have electricity and they use tractors on farms and ride motorcycles, they send and receive mails through a helicopter.

The Old Believers tribe
The Old Believers

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